Dear Colorado

Dear Colorado,
You are beautiful.  Your mountains are gorgeous and provide an amazing playground.  God knew what he was doing when he created you.  Your many trails and paths are great for running.  Your snow capped peaks great for hiking and skiing (well snowboarding).  Your long stretches of beautiful roads with breath taking scenery great for biking.  You are home to my beloved Denver Broncos and Colorado State Rams.  (However, I could do without the University of Colorado Buffalos...).  I love that you cycle through the four seasons.  You bring AMAZING colors to us in the Fall, with crisp fresh air.  Wonderful snow storms in the Winter that are perfect for cuddling up with the boys for hot cocoa and a movie.  Mild Springs that could still bring snow, but at the same time bring new leaves and flowers, and then summer.  Great sunshine with amazing thunderstorms at night. 

However, I have a bone to pick with you this summer, Colorado.  How many days does it need to be 90 + degrees?  I think we are on day 17 of 90 or higher.  I have to tell you I am tired of it.  As mentioned above, you have great paths and trails for running, but for me to enjoy those I would have to run at 4am...and that is just not happening.  Instead of getting to enjoy your wonderful scenery...I am wanting to stay wherever there is air conditioning.  I know it could be worse...but that is why I don't live in Vegas, Arizona or Iraq!  I would like to not be spending half of my husbands paycheck on cooling down our house so we can sleep at night without sweating to death.  So, if you get this memo, please try to dial it down a few notches...or just start Fall a little early.  I am sure no one would mind.