Baby Got Back!

I have a new best friend. She hangs out with me everyday and she brings along her friends. I often find myself talking to her when no one else is around. Her name is Cellulite and her BFF's name is Stretch Mark. They are roommates and both take up prime real estate on my thighs and bun cakes. Both of them moved in while I was pregnant and have decided they would like to stay...permanently. I can't say that I am thrilled. First, let's talk about Cellulite.

Oh, Cellulite. I don't really notice you until I move a certain way and your beautiful ripples go down my thighs. You are sometimes referred to as cottage cheese and I can totally see the resemblance. Orange Peel and Pin Cushion Skin are also less known references to your glory. I don't appreciate you deciding to take up residence over the strong leg muscles that took me miles to build. Your uneven texture makes me never want to hop into a pair of shorts again...not that I currently fit into any of mine at the moment. I am determined to get rid of you...or at least make you less noticable. SO, be forewarned. Your time is running out...your lease is almost up! Lunges, Squats, Running, and more are one their way to kick you out! Now for your BFF Strech Mark(s).

Oh, Stretch Marks...otherwise known as Mommy Tatooes or Zebra are Cellulite's neighbor. You also reside on my thighs and bun cakes. Early on...while pregnant...I thought you were a rash. I mean who gets Stretch Marks on their rump while pregnant. It is your belly that is supposed to grow and stretch...right?! Well when you decided to permanently move in I came to the realization you were stretch marks and after doing some Googling of stretch mark pictures I was sure of it. Zebra Stripes make you sound so cute and cuddley...well you are neither of those. It is as if you glow in the mirror and say "hey look at me!". I really don't like are even worse than your friend Cellulite. At least working out can reduce Cellulite. You however require expensive creams...which may or may not work. My pocket book cannot afford most of your I am hoping the "cheap" cream I bought will at least lighten you up. I have decided to wear you with a badge of honor. As battle scars of mommyhood...just please...PLEASE...lighten up so I can enjoy the last part of bathing suit weather.

And to my precious Baby E. I love you with all of my heart...but I could have done without your little "gifts!"

Here is a Workout to Help Firm Up those Bun Cakes...and reduce the appearance of Cellulite!!!

No Buns About it Workout

This is a 20 - 30 minute workout with strength and cardio. You will do the strength workout first and then the carido intervals at the end. This will help to maximize fat burning. Each exercise contains an "A" and "B" portion. You will be doing theses in super sets. You will perform Exercise A then immediately doing Exercise B. You will need a set of dumbbells, an exercise band, and a stair or step. Perform 12 - 15 reps and repeat the sequence a total of 3 times before moving on to the cardio.

1A. Reverse Lunges - Holding weights at your side lunge back with the left leg making sure your front knee doesn't go over your toe. Push back up into starting position and switch legs for one rep.


1B. Calve Raises - With your heels hanging off the back of a stair or step, drop heels down and then push-up on your toes. Pause at the top to feel the burn and then return to starting position. Hold a set of weights to make it more challenging.


2A. Romanian Deadlift - Feet are hip width apart and knees are slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand so that palms are facing the body. Slowly bend forward, pushing those glutes behind you (you want to stick your chest out ... it helps drive glutes back). Keep knees slightly bent. Squeeze glutes and return to start.


2B. Side Step with Band - Tie resistance band around shins...or step on band and draw handles towards hips holding them there. Step your feet out wide enough to feel tension in the band. Bend knees about 45 degrees. Step right foot out a few inches followed by the left . Walk 12 - 15 steps one direction than switch for one set.


3A. Plie Squat - Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Toes pointed to the corners at about 45 degrees. Squat down to 90 degrees. As you stand back up squeeze your inner thighs and booty together. For added burn hold weights at your sides.


3B. Squat with Adduction - Stand with feet hip width apart. Make sure toes remain pointing forward for the whole exercise. Squat down bringing knees to 90 degrees. As you stand up lift right leg off of the floor and raise it out to the side. Keep foot flexed as you do this to really feel it in your outer thigh. Perform all reps on one side before switching. Hold weights for an added burn.

CARDIO INTERVAL - Each exercise is 1 minute long. There is no rest between exercises. Take a one minute break after you have done all 5. Perform circuit 2 - 3 times.