30 In the Next 30

I have come to realize that most of my ideas, dreams, and desires often come to me Sunday mornings while sitting in church.  I have all these things I want to do...all these ideas I want to create...all these plans I want to make, but it always seems there is not enough time in the day, or enough courage inside of me to take a leap of faith.  This year I will turn 30...in 6 weeks to be exact.  I remember when 30 seemed ancient...and now...well I feel like it is just the start of great things to come.  I have decided to make a list of the dreams I have for my next 30 years.  Here are 30 Things for my next 30 Years:

1.) Run a Marathon
2.) Ride in the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race
3.) Start My Own Non-Profit/Business
4.) Get Involved in our Church
5.) Open My Own ETSY Shop
6.) Travel to Italy
7.) Have More Babies
8.) Climb a 14er 
9.)Take a Cycling Tour in Europe (Think Tour De France)
10.) Go Skydiving
11.) Learn to Knit
12.) Travel to Israel
13.) Raise Wonderful Children
14.) Take a Cruise with My Family 
15.) Read the Bible Front to Back
16.)Recover a piece of furniture myself
17.)Spend a day in bed with my husband....cuddling
18.) Be Published in a Fitness Magazine (or any magazine really!)
19.) Have Lunch with Jillian Michaels (I have a slight obsession with her!)
20.) Have a successful blog
21.) Serve on a mission trip with my husband
22.) Anonymously pay for someones meal at a restaurant
23.) Meet Lance Armstrong
24.) Make a difference
25.) Change someones life for the better
26.) Keep the house clean for a whole week
27.) Learn to speak Italian
28.) Build our dream home from scratch
29.) Read one book a month for a whole year
30.) Start a Book Club
I could go on and on ... cheers to my next 30 years!


"State of Glee" said...

Kristie - Your list is awesome; I think I'll make my own list, too! When you want to do the book club, I'm in! I think it would be fun!!!

Beth said...

I love your list! I should make my own list since I just turned 50! Hum where to begin! I am reading the Bible! Starting a series this weekend at church!

Sarah said...

I love this list K! I too, havebeen toying with the idea of my own bucket list. I think it is a great way to inspire ourselves, push ourselves to limits and explore the greatness that still awaits us. Hope we can cross off some of our ideas together!