Getting His Grow On!

People definitely don't lie when they say how fast a baby grows!!!  There are some days where I go to grab Baby E out of his crib in the morning and I SWEAR he grew over night.  Then there is the fact that when I take him jogging in his jogging stroller he feels heavier and heavier each time.  My husband and I have dubbed him "sack of taters" (as in potatoes) because he is like a little sack of potatoes to carry around. 

Anyone want to paint our closet doors white?
Seeing that this is our first child I am determined to document everything.  Every little milestone he crosses I want to remember. Every inch he grows documented.  That led to me researching DIY growth charts.  I came across a ton but none of them really were what I was looking for.  However, if someone asked, I wouldn't be able to say what it was I was looking for.  

And then along came Craft Gossip.  I started to follow Craft Gossip on Twitter and then on Facebook.  I absolutely LOVE this site.  There are always new and fun crafts popping up and thankfully one of them was a fun and VERY inexpensive Growth Chart.  It was advertised as an inexpensive gift for a baby shower...but I decided to make it an inexpensive gift for me.  Visit Whipper Berry for full Tutorial.

I think the total project cost me a total of $5.  The Jute Webbing cost me $1.60 at Wal-Mart, along with .99 cent Sharpies and $2.00 Stencils.  I LOVE cheap crafts...that are quick and instantly gratifying.  I didn't have a grommet thingy so I used twine to hang up the growth chart, and instead of labels with safety pins I decided to use mini clothes pins and tags. Even with my mistake (I apparently forgot how to count by two's sometime during my project)...I absolutely love it and it fits in Baby E's room perfectly!

I am looking forward to making some for the new babies in our family and experiment with different colored Sharpies to make some more "girly."  Keep an eye out!!!