Happy Pants Dance!!

Literally tonight I did the Happy Pants Dance...my husband even had to peak out of the shower to see what I was hootin' and hollerin' about.  So, as most of you know, I recently had a baby, as in 3 months ago.  I have had my "skinny" days, where I feel skinny and decide to go and try on all my pre-pregnancy jeans, capris, and shorts, in hopes that they will fit so I can quit wearing the same ones over and over and over.  Let's just say that, in the past, that was the most horrible idea ever...because None.Of.Them.Fit!  Either they wouldn't fit over my thighs or buns, or they would get past that point and not even come close to buttoning.  Then their were the pairs that would button, but looked like I was wearing my little sister's hand me downs.  I would then send myself to time out for doing something so stupid and be sulky the rest of the day.  Of course my wonderful husband would just remind me that Baby E hadn't arrived that long ago and that I looked better than ever {ha-yeah right}...Bless his soul. 

Any-hoo tonight was the miracle of all miracles.  I grabbed a pair of my favorite American Eagle jeans out of the closet to put on for church. One leg in, two legs in, a few wiggles, a suck-it-in and SHAZAM...They Fit...and quite comfortably I might add.  Then, the icing on the cake, I had purchased this totally cute tank top from Kohl's only to find out it was too tight.  Made me look like I had gone back to the buffet one too many times.  I had come to the realization that I would probably have to return it...however...I put it on tonight and it fit too!!!!!  It was like a two-fer-one deal!  And then the dance...I apologize for not capturing it in all it's glory...there was a song and jumping involved.  I did get pictures...that were very hard to take.  My leg started cramping...but I tried to capture all the glory!!!  :)

Ignore the Messy Counter

I do clean the bathroom...so once again ignore the goobered mirror!

Hope you all have a great Sunday :)